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Life often does not go as planned, because we do not always behave as we would like ...

Following an experienced burnout of 30 to 35 years, his family of 4 children and his couple exploded in mid-flight.

Through very many learnings, which brought him to many countries, Jean tried to find an "engineering" in order to help find a remedy for destructive compulsive behaviors linked to the identification of our memories ...

John is trained by a mentally focused Buddhist monk, and from a young age enjoys dreaming and playing with the yogas from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Sadghuru's students trained John in ancestral yogic processes, which John practices 3-4 times a day.

A Brahmin Vedic priest living in Kerala taught him the basis of the incredible ShivaLinga process, and Jean is undoubtedly the first European to acquire this knowledge.

Initiated in Jyotish by Dr Frawley, and in Bazi, Jean loves to find connections between these two systems.

The sublime pearl "Taoist" process, was learned by Jean from the pupils of Mantak Chia who instilled in him this ancestral method.

Jean, for over 30 years, has poured tons of sweat into the martial arts: Karate Shotokan, Kung Fu wushu 2 dragons, Tai chi chuan, and Luohan gigong with a dedicated Shaolin master for Europe (Jean followed this master 10 years in the Buddha's 18 palm system, siu loan and da loan).

A rave living in the desert and the light most of the time taught Jean some esoteric knowledge: Tantra.

Jean loves this extremely rigorous knowledge, and in connection with the lineage of the great yogi Babaji, he is initiated into the 7 Tantric breaths.

But what John prefers is the knowledge of Pharaoh Akhenaton in connection with consciousness and our crystal structures.

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